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Interactive Floor Projection

Our Interactive Floor Projection system is an innovative way to convert floor space into an exciting display to entertain and astound.

interactive wall projection

We transform walls into massive multi-touch screens, providing users access to information at their fingertips. We use state-of-the-art multi-touch screen technology!

interactive multi-touch table

Our Interactive Touch Tables are custom-made; we offer multi-touch and single-touch installations in a wide range of sizes and materials.


South Africa’s first and only network of automated parcel delivery terminals. Convenient, Secure and Private way of collecting deliveries!

About Us

Your Partner In Technology - Experience The Magic

LMBK Interactive Touch Technology offers vibrant touch screen display solutions providing a range of high quality solutions across a variety of interactive technologies.

Our unique interactive displays offer a true multi-touch experience transforming any screen or surface into an interactive display.

LMBK manufactures a variety of interactive display technologies to mesmerize your target audience. Our motion based Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall Systems convert spaces into engaging and fun-filled environments. Our large format multi-touch displays ensure exciting, entertaining and educating interactive experiences.

We use projected images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology to turn any space into a virtual magical area, providing an exciting experience of fun and movement. It creates a completely immersive environment, and uniquely inspiring activities.

Living surfaces are breath-taking, touchless interactive surfaces larger than life with lively contents you can touch, experience and play around with.

Our solutions are available for rent and for purchase.

We build things that make your eyeballs splash!


We make magic happen!
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Welcome to the future of dining. Transform your customers experience!
We revolutionize dining experience with digital ordering and tabletop payments using interactive restaurant technology.
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What better motivation would you need? This technology generates a slimmer image of what your body could look like if you stick to the recommended regime.
We have introduced an interactive wall that digitally generates a user’s potential future body using motion-sensing cameras. The technology allows users to select options on the screen by using arm movements. It then feeds back relevant workout tips and nutrition information.
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A powerful tool that draws your customers in! Advertising the new Lexus, we allowed consumers to engage with the brand in a new, exciting way. Keeping in mind that unmatched innovation is always part of the Lexus driving experience
We developed Interactive Video Projections. Full activation on the ground took place across major cities in South Africa. Locations were vibey, high-traffic main streets. Consumers engaged in real time, while having fun with new technology and the brand!
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Play a virtual version of “The Beautiful Game”; soccer, played on a fully customized projected pitch, with customisable advertising hoardings for your company’s branding
Delight your target audience for hours as they compete to kick a 2-dimensional, projected soccer ball through virtual goals. Our Interactive Floor Projection system is an innovative way to convert any floor space into a compelling and attractive display to entertain and astound.