June 7, 2016


Display and grasp knowledge and information in a vivid way with our multi-touch table solution. Use our interactive bar, lounge and restaurant table to inspire your guests!

An interactive table for malls and airports offers customers a state-of-the-art ordering system, entertainment and a new way of communication.


Our interactive touch tables are custom-made; we offer multi-touch and single-touch installations in a wide range of sizes and materials. Applications for multi-touch tables are only limited by the imagination. Because a table is perceived as the centre of a social environment, these exhibits encourage social learning, allowing multiple users to interact and share their thoughts.


We revolutionize dining experience with digital ordering and tabletop payments using:


Interactive Restaurant Technology

Touch Technology instantly distinguishes the subtle differences between every hand and object placed on the tabletop, and then effortlessly delivers the most innovative method of communication with the interactive table.


An interactive menu is projected on each table of the restaurant. The guests control the projected menu on the table with their fingers and order their desired drinks and food directly at their table.


The gestures of known touch screen devices are assigned to projected multi-touch screens. They are selected after the functionality of the concept is defined. Thus, the projected interactive menu can be used with the following gestures: single-touch, swipe, pinch and drag. 
A projector above the table and a Microsoft Kinect to detect individual fingers.








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